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国際アートフェア「Art Stage Singapore 2014」(シンガポール)に、 チームラボが新作2作品を含む3作品を発表。2014/1/16(木) ~ 2014/1/19(日)

28ヶ国から130のギャラリー、600人のアーティストが集結するが集結する国際アートフェア『Art Stage Singapore 2014』(シンガポール)が開催。チームラボは、「Ikkan Art Gallery」にて、新作のデジタルアート作品「冷たい生命」、「追われるカラス、追うカラスも追われるカラス- Black in White」を発表、「憑依する滝」を展示します。期間は2014年1月16日(木)~2014年1月19日(日)まで。

Art Stage Singapore 2014


冷たい生命/ Cold Life
チームラボ, 2014, デジタルワーク, 2160x3840 pixels, 7min 15sec(ループ), 書: 紫舟



今回は、Ultra HD (4K)の解像度(Full HD4 枚分)によって、超微細まで描いた映像作品として、表現した。

追われるカラス、追うカラスも追われるカラス- Black in White /                 
Crows are chased and the chasing crows are destined to be chased as well - Black in White
チームラボ, 2014, デジタルワーク, 9600x1080 pixels, 3min 40sec (ループ), 音楽:高橋英明




憑依する滝/ Universe of Water Particles
チームラボ, 2013, デジタルワーク, 1920x5400 pixels



今回は、5Kの解像度(Full HD5枚分)によって、超微細まで描いた映像作品として、表現した。

展覧会名:Art Stage Singapore 2014
場所:Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre
住所:10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore, 018956

■Art Stage Singapore 2014

■Ikkan Art Gallery




カイカイキキギャラリー台北で『生きる』展開催(2011)。フランス「LAVAL VIRTUAL」にて「建築・芸術・文化賞」賞を受賞(2012)。国立台湾美術館にてチームラボ「We are the Future」展を開催(2012)。「堂島リバービエンナーレ2013 “Little Water”」(2013)。「teamLabBody」がUnity Awards 2013のBest VizSim Projectを受賞。『チームラボって、何者?』がマガジンハウスより刊行(2013年12月19日)。

現在、「シンガポールビエンナーレ2013」にて、「秩序がなくともピースは成り立つ」を展示(10月26日~2014年2月16日)。シンガポール最大の新聞THE STRAITES TIMESの一面を飾る。






130 galleries from 28 different countries and 600 artists will come together for the international art fair Art Stage Singapore 2014, which is being held in Singapore from January 16 (Thu)–January 19 (Sun), 2014. teamLab will present  two new digital artworks “Cold Life”, ”Crows are chased and the chasing crows are destined to be chased as well – Black in White”, and will exhibit “Universe of Water Particles”at the booth of Ikkan Art Gallery.

Exhibition:Art Stage Singapore 2014


Cold Life

teanLab, 2014, Digital Work, 2160×3840 pixels, 7min 15sec(loop), Calligraphy: Sisyu



A calligraphic series of brush strokes modelled in virtual 3D space forms the character 生(Japanese/Mandarin for ‘life’) which then metamorphoses into a tree. As time passes, various life forms begin emanating and growing from within the tree.

In computer graphics, and similarly in this digital work, wireframe models with abstract and high levels of data are rendered into 3D objects. When the facades of these computer-generated images are peeled off, their mesh-like structures are revealed underneath. As expressed via the intricacies of this work, teamLab exemplifies 3D rendering in its stripped-down state while maintaining a highly complex and elaborate construction.

This art work is Ultra HD, four times the resolution of FHD (Full High Definition). The high resolution allows for the expression of the extremely intricate detail of the work.

Crows are chased and the chasing crows are destined to be chased as well – Black in White
teanLab, 2014, Digital Work, 9600×1080 pixels, 3min 40sec (loop),  Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

A virtual world constructed in three dimensions on a computer is brought to life in moving images, using what we at teamLab consider to be the logical structure of the spatial perception of our Japanese ancestors (what we call “Ultra Subjective Space”).

“Itano Circus” is a unique Japanese animation technique created by animator Ichiro Itano. The screen is packed to capacity with swarms of missiles that are drawn in distorted perspective so that the audience will feel a stronger sense of dynamic movement and impact as they fly wildly about the space. Through ultra-high-speed camerawork and through staging that envelops the viewer’s perspective, this technique creates an overwhelmingly beautiful image. As a homage to the Itano Circus, we expanded space distortion used in 2D animation in 3D space: this is to explore what sort of logic of spatial perception constitutes the distortion of space pioneered by Japan’s animators, and to ask ourselves if this is in line with the continuous tradition of Japanese spatial perception. Recreating a distorted space in three dimensions expands the viewer’s unrestricted perspective, and attempt to recreate actual space. The installation is also an experiment to see what kind of experience viewers encounter dividing the viewers’perspective and by deploying divided perspective into three dimensional space.

Yatagarasu, the three-legged crow, is a creature found in Japanese mythology. It is believed to represent the sun and the will of Heaven.

Universe of Water Particles
teamLab, 2013, Digital Work, 1920x5400 pixels

Universe of Water Particles is a waterfall created in a computer-simulated environment. A virtual rock is first sculpted and computer-generated water consisting of hundreds of thousands of water particles is then poured onto it. The computer calculates the movement of these particles to produce an accurate waterfall simulation that flows in accordance to physical laws. Next, 0.1 percent of the particles are selected and lines are drawn in relation to them. The sinuousness of the lines depends on the overall interaction among the water particles and forms the magnificent cascade seen on screen.

This work of digital art relies on what teamLab considers to be the logic structure of spatial recognition of their Japanese ancestors.

The waterfall is rendered at a resolution five times that of full HD to allow for the intricate and extreme detail of the work.

Singapore:Art Stage Singapore 2014
Period:January 16(Thu)–January 19(Sun), 2014
Opening hours :
Thursday 16 January, 12pm-7pm
Friday 17 January, 12pm-7pm
Saturday 18 January, 11am-7pm
Sunday 19 January, 11am-6pm
Place:Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre
Address:10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore, 018956 Google Maps>>
Admission :
$33 for a one-day pass
$63 for a season pass
$11 for full-time students, NSFs and seniors citizens
Group or school bookings are are valid for a minimum of 20 pax at $9 per ticket

■Art Stage Singapore 2014

■Ikkan Art Gallery

With support from: Sony

teamLab is an Ultra-technologists group made up of specialists in the information society such as; Programmers (User Interface Engineers, Data Base Engineers, Network Engineers, Robot Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Software Architects), Mathematicians, Architects, CG Animators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Editors and more.

Current exhibitions
"Peace Can Be Realized Even Without Order," October 26th, 2013–February 16th, 2014, Singapore Biennale 2013. This made the front page of THE STRAIGHTS TIMES, Singapore's largest-circulation newspaper. “Homogenizing and Transforming World” An interactive installation made up of a sphere of over 100 suspended lights, Hong Kong Arts Centre, December 11th, 2013–January 12th, 2014. This piece received wide coverage on TVB, Hong Kong's largest TV station.

teamLab exhibition planned for four cultural institutions in Saga Prefecture, Japan: Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga Prefecture Space and Science Museum, Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum, February 28th–March 22nd, 2014.

selected exhibitions
SINGAPORE BIENNALE 2013 “If The World Changed” , Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; Parkett – 220 Artists’ Editions & Collaborations since 1984 +5, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 2013; Art Stage Singapore 2013, Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore; THE EXPERIENCE MACHINE, Ikkan Art Gallery, Singapore, 2012; WE ARE THE FUTURE teamLab exhibition,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2011; FUTURE PASS, Abbazia di San Gregorio, Dorsoduro 172, Venezia, Italy, 2011; LIVE! teamLab exhibition, Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011; KANSEI – Japan Design Exhibition, Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France, 2008.

teamLabBody - Unity Awards 2013; WHAT A LOVING, AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Laval Virtual ReVolution 2012, Architectural, Art and Culture Award; 100 YEARS SEA ANIMATION DIORAMA and teamLabHanger - The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Recommended Works, 2011; SPATIAL CALLIGRAPHY ZEN - Asia Digital Art Award, ADAA Grand Prize, Fukuoka Governor's Award, 2008; etc.

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