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ウェブサイト『beautiful lands』に、「Circulum Formosa」の紹介。

アートやカルチャーを紹介する海外のウェブサイト『beautiful lands』に、「Circulum Formosa」が紹介されました。

Circulum Formosa

By using the endemic species of Taiwan as the main content, teamLab in Japan designed an infinite circulation to express and appreciate the values of their homeland, Formosa Taiwan. It is an interactive digital installation based on a gigantic LED sculpture measuring 17m wide x 17m high

Rain falls from the skies; the rain creates waterfalls; the waterfalls then turn into rivers, helping the flowers grow and blossom on the land. Birds gather near flowers and trees, flying into the skies where the clouds form and float away. Everything is connected in a cycle, but no events are ever repeated in exactly the same way.
(Excerpt from the text)

beautiful lands