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ウェブサイト『FAD Magazine』にて、「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders」展の紹介。

ロンドン発のウェブサイト『FAD Magazine』にて、「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders」展が紹介されました。

teamLAB ‘hyper-group’ of some 500 artists, scientists and technologists head to London
This solo show at START Art Fair will be the first time the Japanese digital artist collective has exhibited in the UK. Consisting of three digital, interactive pieces, Flutter of Butterflies beyond Borders brings our attention to the relationship between us and nature. In the largest piece of the exhibition, Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year, Dark (2015), flowers will keep on springing up, growing, blossoming and withering away in the real-time rendered artworks – but the viewer holds the key to affecting the cycle. Nature is constantly evolving, as is our digital knowledge: the exhibition challenges the ways of perceiving both our surroundings and the digital developments taking place.