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『inhabitat』にて、「teamLab: Living Digital Space and Future Parks」の紹介。

『inhabitat』にて、「teamLab: Living Digital Space and Future Parks」が紹介されました。
Is this art? Photos capture moments when humans and light interact
An exciting new exhibition at Silicon Valley’s first art gallery has been drawing crowds since its launch in early 2016. “Living Digital Space and Future Parks,” which the New York Times calls “a very different kind of immersive art installation,” is an exploration of the convergence of art, design, technology, and nature. The collaboration between teamLab--a Japanese interdisciplinary collective of self-described “ultra technologists”--and Pace Gallery succeeds in challenging notions of what defines art by taking visitors on an unparalleled, technology-driven journey into the world of bird flight, flowers, waterfalls, and outer space.(本文抜粋)