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ウェブサイト『THE NEW YORK TIMES』にて、「teamLab: Living Digital Space and Future Parks」の紹介。

ウェブサイト『THE NEW YORK TIMES』にて、「teamLab: Living Digital Space and Future Parks」が紹介されました。

A Very Different Kind of Immersive Art Installation
There’s an old phrase in Japanese, Toudai moto kurashi, which translates to “the lighthouse does not shine on its base” — that is, you can see everything around you except what’s closest. It’s a useful saying to keep in mind as, this week, the Japanese tech-art collective teamLab unveils its largest installation to date: 20 works inside 20,000 square feet. As the inaugural exhibition for Pace’s newly minted Art+Technology program, housed in the gallery’s Menlo Park space, it places tech-based art directly in the heart of Silicon Valley — to completely surprising effect. “We respect Silicon Valley exceedingly, but, as things are happening all the time, we aren’t paying it a lot of attention,” says Toshiyuki Inoko, the collective’s founder. “TeamLab wants to contribute to mankind through a different role than Silicon Valley.” The exhibition, titled “Living Digital Space and Future Parks,” aims to be a disruptor — and not in the tech-jargon sense, but rather more literally. “We want to think about a new way for art to be,” Inoko says. “Not just works of art, but including everything: space, viewers, even the market.”