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Pace GalleryのNewsページにて、チームラボの紹介。

Pace GalleryのNewsページにて、チームラボが紹介されました。

Pace Art & Technology Program to Launch in Early 2016
Pace Art & Technology, founded by Pace President Marc Glimcher, is the gallery’s new program dedicated to collaboration with interdisciplinary art groups, collectives and studios whose works explore the confluence of art and technology. The program is an expansion of Pace’s longstanding commitment to artistic approaches that emphasize digital and technological methods.
Marc Glimcher says “Since the late 60s, Pace has always taken an interest in art and technology. From our early work with James Turrell and Robert Whitman through our recent projects with teamLab, we are always looking for ways to support experimentation by artists. After establishing a base in Menlo Park it became clear that this would be an ideal venue in which to examine the new approach of the emerging art and technology collectives and how to best share their work with the public.”
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