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ウェブサイト『the creators project』にて、「えのすい×チームラボ ナイトワンダーアクアリウム2015」の紹介。

ウェブサイト『the creators project』にて、「えのすい×チームラボ ナイトワンダーアクアリウム2015」が紹介されました。

Is This the Digitized Aquarium of the Future?
A gorgeously enhanced aquarium brings the unstoppable teamLab one step closer to their new objective of transforming a city into a digital work of art. The Digitized City Art Project is “based on the concept of ‘using digital art to influence the relationships between people in a space,’” the studio’s CEO Inoko Toshiyuki tells The Creators Project. “My desire to turn the aquarium into an artistic space while maintaining its current function is one such example. I thought I could take a piece of nature, in this case fish, and turn it into art by using something intangible like light.”

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