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ウェブサイト『the creators project』にて「駿府天下泰平まつり」の紹介。

ウェブサイト『the creators project』にて、「駿府天下泰平まつり」が紹介されました。

A Balloon Light Pyramid Illuminates Japanese Ruins
The lightning speed at which teamLab releases new work is mindboggling. Seriously, it's hard to believe anyone in the collective even sleeps. Coming off their recently released Crystal Universe, the Japanese artists are back with yet another interactive light installation set in the ruins of Shizuoka City’s Sunpu Castle.
A gridded network of 108 white balloons, or "globes," floats in mid-air, creating a pyramid shape that resembles the roof of a house. The floating spheres change color when touched and emit a sound “unique to that color,” according to teamLab’s description. The surrounding balloons then echo the same sound and color in a rippling effect that alters the entire color of the piece.

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