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ウェブサイト『Theneeds』にて、「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders」展の紹介。

海外のウェブサイト『Theneeds』にて、「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders」展が紹介されました。

Digital Butterfly Exhibits
This Project by 'teamLab' Features Glowing Butterflies Consuming a Room

'teamLab' created this unique digital butterfly exhibit, which will be featured at the START Art Fair in London. The exhibit titled 'Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders' takes up an entire room.

The entirety of one room at the Saatchi Gallery will be covered in a digital butterfly display. The butterflies will dance and soar across the walls and ceilings of the room. The walls are covered with mirrors to enhance the experience. While each butterfly is illuminated with a digitized glow, when they come together to create a swarm of insects, it intensifies the entire scene.