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ウェブサイト『WEEK ENDER』にて、teamLab:ArtScience Museum での展示の紹介。

ウェブサイト『the new paper』にて、teamLab:ArtScience Museum での展示が紹介されました。
Watch A Whole Galaxy Of Stars Light Up In Front Of You
My heart swelled with excitement as the lights dimmed around me. Moments later, a whole galaxy lit up as dazzling stars from lightyears away swirled into my sight. I felt weightless, like I had stepped into a fantastical dreamscape.This was no ordinary art exhibition where you paced the room trying to make intelligent commentary about a painting you didn’t quite understand, nor was it another museum showcase where it was, in the words of my mother, ‘See, no touch, touch no see. Touch already, pay money’.(本文抜粋)