Draw,play,&interact SKETCH PISTON 1 idu+plus

created by TEAM☆LAB


What is Sketch Piston?

Sketch Piston is a new genre of “Sketch Action” games in which the user has a special magic pen and stamp tools that allow them to freely draw and interact with the web site world. Using the different pen and stamp tools the user has the power to create a whole range of different interactions and events.

It may seem obvious, but a world without an objective also has no goal.

Using Sketch Piston it is possible to create your own objective or goal and aim to clear it, you could try to recreate the most perfect gymnastic leap and land gracefully, play human pinball, or create your own wonderful sketch world.

Everything is up to the extent of your imagination and your desire for fun and mischief. Use the pen and stamp tools to explore and see what happens.


Released : 15.3.2009
Client Site : idu+plus
Genre : Sketch Action
Players : 1 player