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teamLab AIbot

teamLab AIbot is a chat interface personalization tool. It is a SaaS-type cloud service that allows you to, just by embedding a few lines of code, incorporate a chat widget into your website, grasp users’ actions on your site in real time, and speak to users based on information such as the last time, date and page they accessed, access counts, what OS the user is using, and so on.

Furthermore, as it is linked to teamLab Recommend & Search, other than the ability to recommend items personalized for users, by directly listening to various information from users, it is also possible to feedback learning data for even better precision in recommendations.


teamLab AIbot’s characteristics
・The pursuit of personalization
For a certain site for which our company was in charge of personalization, the conversion path ratio is raised to 40% via recommendation/40% via search, with increased sales.
teamLab AIbot further strengthens your website’s personalization, and is a new personalization tool linked to teamLab Recommend & Search.

・Chat User Interface
teamLab AIbot takes problems that users are facing, places them in a story, and leads them to solve it, and the chat UI will be employed as a user interface for that purpose.
What kind of communication is used, at what timing, for what kind of people? teamLab AIbot plays a crucial role in giving this story.
Functions that teamLab AIbot provides
・Recommend Chat
It is linked to teamLab Recommend and can recommend items to users.
Furthermore, by directly listening to the types of items that users place importance on, more accurate recommendations can be achieved.
(The recommendations on the website will also be more accurate.)
Benefits: improvement in bounce rate/exit rate, more views per session, better recommendations

・Search Chat
It is linked to teamLab Search and it is possible for users to search for items by typing text.
Benefits: Improvement in views per session

・Intuitive Customer-Diagnosis Chat *Option
Achieves personalization through easy and fun interactions
- Personalization for first time visitors and those with little action history
- Visitors can easily find items that they potentially like but did not know about
- The system learns and adapts for users’ preferences through rated items
Benefits: improvement in bounce rate/exit rate, more views per session, better recommendations

・Automated Chat Support
- Provides a drill-down-type scenario for identifying the customer's problem.
- Provides website how-tos and FAQs.
- Reduction in inquiries for staff to respond to.
- Improve the quality of FAQs by collecting users' questions.

・Message chat *Option
By linking segments, it is possible to distribute messages to a specified user.
It is possible to set distribution rules with specified segments/users ✕ real-time action conditions.
Benefits: realization of 1to1 communication
Basic functions
・Distribution rule settings
The timing to speak can be set in the rules.

・Scenario creation
Scenarios that use various chat functions can be created.

Various reports on the number of times a scenario was activated, the use status of a scenario, conversion rate, and so on can be checked.


The costs will differ according to the scale of the website, so we will give estimates individually. Please feel free to inquire.




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