「チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地 - 」(ららぽーと富士見)にて海外での宣伝活動用の撮影会を開催。会場で遊んで撮影に協力してくれる外国人・ハーフの子ども募集。

チームラボでは、来年開催するシリコンバレー、シンガポール、タイ、韓国など海外で開催する展覧会に向けて、外国人・ハーフの子ども(5~15歳想定)を対象にした、海外での宣伝活動用の撮影会 を行います。

撮影場所は「ららぽーと富士見」(埼玉・富士見)にある「チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地 - 」で、作品で遊んでいる様子を撮影します。

「チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地-」に興味がある方、遊んでみたい方、写真を撮られるのが好きな方、ぜひ、ご応募ください。

・開催日:2015年12月16日(水)、17日(木)、18日(金) ※うち2日間を予定
・場所:チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地 - (ららぽーと富士見内、埼玉県富士見市山室1-1313
チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地-

「チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地-」で、アトラクションで遊んでいる様子を撮影します。

・「チームラボアイランド - 学ぶ! 未来の遊園地-」に興味がある方、遊んでみたい方、写真を撮られるのが好きな方



At teamLab, we will be hosting a photoshoot for foreign and mixed race children (5~15 years old) for use in overseas publicity activities, in preparation for exhibitions to be hosted abroad in the Silicon Valley, Singapore, Thailand, Korea etc.

The photoshoot will take place in “teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park” inside Lalaport Fujimi (Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture); photos will be taken of children playing with the exhibits.

We’d like to encourage people who are interested in “teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park”, who want to have a go at playing in the exhibition, who like being photographed, to please apply. (Application deadline: 11:59PM Sunday 13th December)

[Photoshoot summary]
・Dates: Wednesday 16th , Thursday 17th, Friday 18th December 2015
*Planning for 2 of these days
・Time: 6:00PM ~ 9:30PM
・Place: teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park (Inside LaLaport Fujimi, 1-1313 Yamamuro, Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture)
・Nearest station: Tsuruse station, Tobu Tojo line. For others, please check the homepage for details 
・Travel costs: Out-of-pocket expenses to be reimbursed up to ¥3000 (Up to two people, the child and one accompanying adult)

*teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park:
*LaLaport Fujimi

[Photoshoot contents]
Stills and movies for overseas publicity activities
Photos will be taken of children playing in the attractions of “teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park”.

[Application requirements]
・People who are interested in ”teamLab IsLands -Learn and Play! Future Park”, want to play in it, like having pictures taken.
・Foreign / mixed race 5~15 year old children
・Experience not required.
*Photographed material will be used for overseas expansion, so we are thinking of taking photos of children from different countries enjoying themselves. Therefore, we will be taking into consideration a selection of subjects which does not result in a bias in race and gender. We ask for your understanding.
*We exclude any people ineligible for the photoshoot under conditions of their residency.

[How to apply]
Please apply using the application form. (Application deadline: 11:59PM Sunday 13th December)
*We will contact you with the results by email on Monday 14th December.)

[Things to note]
・On the day of the photoshoot, we ask a guardian or someone acting as a guardian to accompany the child.
・For those who belong to a modelling agency etc., please obtain permission yourself before applying.
・We will not use any personal information we’ve collected except for this photoshoot.
・We will not be able to return any of the application forms (including photos).
・We cannot answer questions regarding the process or result of the selection.
・The photos taken will be used for the publicity activities of teamLab.
・Photos taken will not be provided. We thank you for your understanding in advance.