A Blackboard where Little People Live


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A Blackboard where Little People Live

This is a blackboard where little people live.

The little people run around and do not notice us, but touch the little people or the floating bubbles and the world of the blackboard world will change in response to the touch. Enjoy playing around with the little people and the various things in their world.

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Draw lines freely

You can draw lines freely on the blackboard. Little People will run around on the lines that you drew, and birds will take a quick rest on them. If you draw a mountain, the Little People will climb up the mountain. You can also draw a line such that it becomes an obstacle to the Little People. When the Little People reach the clouds, rain will start to fall, and if they reach the stars, more stars will appear, so your world on the blackboard will change depending on how you draw your lines.

Tap theLittle People, clouds, and sun

Little People will react if you tap them. If you touch the clouds, rain will fall. When rain falls on the ground, clovers will start to grow. If rain falls on seeds, strawberries will grow. If you touch the sun, it will shine brightly. When the Little People bathe in the sunlight, they will spin around and glow.

Hit the soap bubbles

When you hit the soap bubbles, various items such as ladders, fire, mushrooms, and cows will fall out. Little People will climb up the ladder. When fire hits the Little People, they will jump away from the heat. A mushroom will act as a trampoline, and Little People will jump up into the sky. A cow will run around and crash into the Little People.

Your actions change the world on the blackboard

If you touch a star, many little stars will be scattered around. Some stars become seeds. Hitting the clouds will make rain fall. When rain falls on the seeds, strawberry plants will grow. The Little People will eat the delicious-looking strawberries. Your actions are connected to the world on the blackboard, and your actions create the world on the blackboard.


People can “Collaboratively Create (Co-Create)” freely and increase their creativity

A Blackboard where Little People Live allows users to create their own world on the blackboard while playing and interacting with others. There is no particular goal, such as clearing the game. Even goals are meant to be set by the players themselves, and by making up their own way of playing, people will create their goal together.

You can set up a playground/rest area without taking up any space

You can set up a playground just by placing a touch panel on the wall. If you use the wall of a café or a food court, children will be captivated by the creative game on a touch panel, and adults can watch them play as they take time to relax, creating a space where people can rest.



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