This is an internal employee search system that can “see” which people are where. 

It is an employee search system which can easily confirm the characteristics and seating of employees by looking at photographs of their faces.

Even if you work with somebody in the same company, it can often be difficult to remember the face of the person you are looking for, or remember where they are seated. 

Because Face Map is equipped with substantial search methods like utilizing the real layout of the office to search with tags such as seats, names, and positions, you can know immediately which people are located where. In addition, you can easily check information about the people you work with, as well as what skills they have. 

The affinity between employees can deepen, and harmonious, rich communication within the company can occur.


Simple searches with real floor layouts.

You can plot out the seating on a background image of each floor to create the actual seating layout. This allows you to search intuitively and work out where each employee is located and on which floor they are seated.

Substantial search methods including facial photographs, names, and departments.

Rather than just a seating chart, you can search for a summary on an employee. Since you can narrow down on their initials and their position in the company, searching for and finding members internally can be performed easily. You can arrive easily at the floor and seating location of the employee you are looking for since there is a link to the seating chart from the employee’s details page.

Understand characteristics of employees through “tags.”

Instead of just a summary, you can search for an employee using “tags” that are individually applied to that person. Using these “tags” you can check for employees with appropriate skills, or search for people whose interests match yours, or who have the same goals.

Easily simulate seating changes.

Because seating can be easily edited, a new seating arrangement can be simulated and created simply whenever convenient for a project.

Utilize digital signage that is visible to the whole company.

The seating chart layout can be digitally displayed within the company on a touch-panel screen. The chart layout for each floor is displayed on the standby screen, and when touched it will enter expansion mode, showing simple employee profiles. By installing one of these on each floor, information about members can be shared with everyone, something which is linked with deepening a sense of unity within a company.


Intuitively comprehend the internal situation of the company.

Efficient office work.

Stimulate intelligent production through new realizations.

The natural situation and the international situation of the company become visible by installing digital signage. By displaying not only information you want to know, but also information about members you would not normally associate with, new realizations can be made and a sense of affinity and unity can be born within the company.


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