Message Pillar

 Into the tree goes your message! A pillar for participatory AR that livens up any event!


The Message Pillar is an AR pillar linked to an application where you can use your smartphone to throw in messages and watch or take pictures of the floating messages. When you first open the application, a tree composed of floating messages will appear above your smartphone screen. If you throw in your message, it will dance together with the other messages, creating a special experience that will liven up any event. You can also take a picture together with the tree composed of your messages, creating a photographic record of this fantastical experience that you can then send to your friends and family. A special space is born from a futuristic experiential event that utilizes AR, leaving a strong impression on the users.

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A special AR experience that you can enjoy with your smartphone.

If you open the Message Pillar application and point your smartphone or tablet at the designated pillar, the message tree will appear on your screen.

A tree created from thrown messages.

The user is not only able to observe the tree but can throw their own message into the tree using the application. The thrown message will float around the pillar and become part of the tree of words.

Taking photos from the application and sharing them easily on social media.

You can take a picture together with the tree from the application, and easily share it on social media.

The stamp rally feature that livens up any event.

If you set up multiple pillars, you can have a stamp rally encouraging visitors to go to every pillar. The pictures that users take of each pillar will automatically show up in the application, and just like a stamp rally, so you can have it be a migratory event where if the users take pictures of every pillar, they wina prize.

The displaying of specific words for advertising.

While the AR marker is recognized, you can display brand logos on the screen, and change the color of the messages to match the brand. Additionally, you can have specific words continually be displayed in the tree, acting as a natural way to advertise to users interacting with the pillar.


Leave an impression by giving users the chance to experience the extraordinary.

Have more posts spread on social media with an engaging photo spot and attract customers.

Expand awareness of your brand.

While having users enjoy the experience, you can give them a memorable impression and promote awareness of your brand.


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