Digital Information Wall

Digital Information Wall is a touchscreen signage  that allows users to intuitively select and closely view the works that catch their eye from among large quantities of images.

When you touch your favorite photo out of the many that are spread across the screen, the photo becomes enlarged, and you can see detailed information about it. 

There are many different ways to use it depending on what photos you have running across the screen: for example, products and works, company histories, or photos of stores. 

In addition, a code that can be read by a smartphone can be displayed along with the detailed information about the photo, making it possible to send even more detailed information to the user.

It also turns the entire space into a brilliant piece of public art by responding to how the user behaves and responding interactively using the whole screen.

It can be used to showcase almost anything, such as artworks, products, history, and local information.

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Touch to enlarge and view art on the spot

When a user discovers a work that interests them from among the many that fill the screen, they can touch that work to enlarge it for closer viewing.

Intuitive to use and tourist-friendly

Digital Information Wall's on-screen instructions consist primarily of images. This allows first-time visitors and tourists with limited Japanese language skills to operate it intuitively, and to have a stress-free art appreciation experience. Digital Information Wall also supports multiple languages, making it the ideal tool for providing information to visitors from other countries.

See and feel a fully-realized art experience

The works on the screen catch the eye and attract attention with their interactive motion. Digital Information Wall allows audiences to experience fully-realized spaces where they can encounter large-scale works of art right where they are.

A liberated digital gallery without restrictions

As a digital display that imposes no restrictions in terms of location, Digital INformation Wall allows exhibitors to make use of all the space they have available, to present even those works they would otherwise have been unable to display. The Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design has created a digital gallery of its poster collection, which consists of about 3,000 pieces. Visitors can now discover works that previously had rarely been available for viewing.

Use the admin screen to easily update the content.

The content displayed can be updated with the admin screen (via personal computer or smartphone). Updating the information or adding new products will make the screen display look different, so people will not get tired of seeing the same thing. You can also set it to display specific photos and videos to promote a specific event.

Clean Movement, Visual Searchability, Intuitive Usage

Using Just a Smartphone By scanning code, a smartphone functions as both a map and a menu, making Customer the more enjoyable experience.


1.At art museums and other museum

At art museums and other museums, Digital Information Wall can be used to show the museum's artworks, exhibits, etc., in a digital gallery.
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2.Use as a floor guide

Digital Information Wall can be used as a digital floor guide at shopping and multi-purpose facilities.
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3.At the office

Digital Information Wall can be used at the office to explain about the company's products and lines of business so customers can understand them better.
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4.In a showroom or store

Digital Information Wall can be used in a showroom or store to display the company's lines of business and products.
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5.In a public space

Digital Information Wall can be used in a public space such as a train station, airport, or public facility to provide local or facility information.
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6.For factory tours

Digital Information Wall can be used for factory tours to explain about your factory.
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7.For tourist information

Digital Information Wall can display tourist information for local sightseeing and restaurants.
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8.Display a chronology

Digital Information Wall can display a chronology to graphically explain the history.
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