Digital Information Wall for tourist information

Digital Information Wall for tourist information

Digital Information Wall can display tourist information for local sightseeing and restaurants.

A large number of photos are displayed, allowing users to instinctually select whatever catches their eye. This makes it easy for first-time visitors to find useful information about their destination and the attractions it offers.

After touching a photo, the user can scan the displayed code with a smartphone to quickly obtain information, such as maps and menus. Everything needed to enjoy walking through the city is now available in the palm of their hand

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A Tour Guide that Allows Users to Look, Feel, and Enjoy

The screen can display approximately 1,000 photos of the various tourist spots and shops included in its vast database. Users are able to select places they like or shops they want to visit from the wide selection of photos that are displayed. It functions not only as a guide, but also as a piece of public art. The photos respond interactively to the movements of people, giving the surrounding area visual appeal.

Displays Related Locations to Offer a Wider Selection of Information

In addition to photos, detailed information about tourist spots and shops can be found, and related locations that fit user preferences will be displayed after selecting a location. Users have the opportunity to make new discoveries that fit their itinerary and preferences, making it possible to further experience the local charms.

Tour the Town With Ease Using Just a Phone

Tour the City Unhindered Using Just a Smartphone By scanning the code, a smartphone functions as both a map and a menu, making touring the city on foot a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

Select Where You Want to Go and What You Want to Eat

Tourists can enjoy their experience without needing to know Japanese. Using their smartphone, they can select photos of their destinations, or point at photos to order items.

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