Sketch Piston - playing music


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Sketch Piston - playing music

This instrument lets people play music by drawing lines on the screen with their fingers and then tapping the screen to place various stamps.

The canvas is the world, and the lines and stamps drawn affect the world, which is created as sounds are played and characters bounce around.

The musical scale played on a line depends on the height where it is drawn.

People play music together by drawing lines and tapping the screen to place stamps.

movie title PLAY MOVIE


Select the flowers and stars on the display by touching them.

Play by drawing on the screen with your finger.

Choose stamps and music is created.

Choose from the stamps shown on the display, and place it into the world of the canvas. When balls hit the stamps, a note plays, and music is created.


People can “Collaboratively Create (Co-Create)” freely and increase their creativity

A Blackboard where Little People Live allows users to create their own world on the blackboard while playing and interacting with others. There is no particular goal, such as clearing the game. Even goals are meant to be set by the players themselves, and by making up their own way of playing, people will create their goal together.

You can set up a playground/rest area without taking up any space

You can set up a playground just by placing a touch panel on the wall. If you use the wall of a café or a food court, children will be captivated by the creative game on a touch panel, and adults can watch them play as they take time to relax, creating a space where people can rest.


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