Snap and share. An interactive selfie camera integrated with social media platforms

teamLabCamera is a camera that can upload selfies taken at signboards to social media.
Photos can be taken with face filters, moving objects, and interactive frames.
The photos can then be uploaded to social media to share the user’s happy moments with others.

Photos and videos are shared by users who are actually present at the event or space, so it is easy to convey the enjoyable atmosphere and promote the occasion

This is a new type of camera that can be set up in stores or at events to capture and share the exciting atmosphere of the space in real-time.

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Control using gestures instead of touch!

Photos and videos can be automatically processed in real-time with various effects and uploaded to social media. You can use teamLabCamera just by gesturing and without having to touch anything. Different effects and graphics that cannot be achieved using normal cameras can be processed in real-time. Photos taken can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and LINE.


You can add various effects (automatic processing) to your photos, such as a manga filter, a monochrome filter, color and layer adjustment, and more.

Upload to Facebook

Photos and videos taken are uploaded to your company or event Facebook page.

Upload to Twitter

Photos and videos taken are uploaded to your company or event Twitter account.

LINE integration

By integrating with an official LINE account, photos and videos can be downloaded from LINE. ① After taking the photos or videos, scan code displayed on the monitor to add LINE official account as a friend ② Enter the ID displayed on the monitor in the Talk screen ③ Download your photos and videos through LINE

Effective social media promotion using Instagram.

Photos and videos downloaded through social media can be uploaded and shared on Instagram or other social media platforms by users.


Sharing the attractiveness of the real space on social media

The excitement of the real space, such as a store or event venue, can be directly shared on social media, contributing to customer attraction. teamLabCamera is not just a simple event camera. Photo and video effects can be customized based on your target customers, attracting more customers to different events. Besides customer attraction, other results can also be expected as illustrated below. At teamLab’s “We are the Future” exhibition, 7,932 photos were taken using one teamLabCamera setup at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts between May 26th and August 12th. The total number of friends of the 188 fans of teamLabCamera’s Facebook page is 151,518 (number of people who may temporarily see teamLabCamera’s posts). The total number of impressions (number of times the Facebook page or photos were viewed) is 702,408.

Making corporate social media accounts more active

The more photos are uploaded, the more people can see the excitement of the event or facility, making the corporate social media accounts more active.

Effective social media promotion

Downloaded photos and videos can be easily uploaded to other social media platforms, allowing event announcements and PR through users.


1.Stand in position and face the monitor.

2.Hold your hand over the arrow to select the frame. When ready press start.


4.If you like it, press "Yes". If you want to retake, press "No".

5.You can download the photo from LINE or Facebbok

6.Check the Photo


How can the teamlabCamera be installed?

teamLabCamera can be installed within a month approximately. The installation for an event can be done on the day before or we can finish the installation in the morning of the day of the event.*Please contact us even when you are short of time. Custom-made to the specifications of your order: 1 week appx / Creating graphics: 2-3 weeks appx / Final adjustments and installation: 1 week appx

Is it possible to film?

Yes, it is an optional function

Is it possible to post on any other sites?

Yes if you construct a special site, you can automatically upload pictures in the same way as you do on Facebook.

Is it possible to use as a campaign(coupon campaign)?

Yes , you can add a coupon function as a option. Plase contact us for more information.

Any safety cautions regarding the lighting?

A sensor is used for the operation of the teamLabCamera and the cutting people out function. Please remember that sensor cannot be used under the infrared lighting such as sunlight, halogen and incandescent lighting. It works best with fluorescent or LED lighting. As with a conventional camera, it requires adequate lighting and brightness. It cannot be used if the degree of brightness changes with time of day.

What else can be filmed other than people?

The teamLabCamera cuts out people in the picture with the sensor and combines the background and the foreground. The teamLabCamera may not recognise objects which diffuse infrared reflection such as a wet glass. The degree of accuracy will vary with non-human objects; it depends on the condition where the camera is used.


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